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Minerals & Vitamins > Zeolite

ZeoOne Powder + Bromelain (Pineapple) 100g - ON SPECIAL $39.95



Out of Stock

ZeoOne Powder + Bromelain (Pineapple) 100g - ON SPECIAL $39.95

DYANCOL MZM - Zeolite Powder with Bromelain derived from "Pineapple Core" 100g

The use of Zeolites for human health improvement has been well documented and it is recognized that the key to preparing Zeolites for human consumption is the micronization process.

The micronization technology used in the development of our products has been at the forefront of the micronisation technology for the past 15 years and this technology ensures that the end product is able to deliver the benefits that it should. 

The technology is now in its 4th generation and it is known as “DYNACOL” (a worldwide patented process). DYNACOL Micronisation is a revolutionary technology that significantly increases the efficacy of zeolites in human health.   

-          ZeoOne DYNACOL Pineapple is one of the products which are proving to be a strong contributor to improved health.

o   contains dried pineapple core (not a juice) and a natural aluminosilicate zeolite mineral

o   Micronised into an ultrafine powder using the DYNACOL Micronisation technology.

-          Zeolites were formed hundreds of thousands to millions of years ago from volcanic activities. During the long formation of zeolites, the mineral forms into a microporous honeycomb structure giving zeolite its unique characteristics and properties.

-          The purity of the raw zeolite combined with the worldwide patented “Dynamic Collision” Micronisation technology reduces the particle size of the zeolite significantly which increases the reactive surface area of the product and its effectiveness of interaction with enzymes.

-          Zeolites have been known for facilitating increased food digestibility and the proteolytic rate of trypsin increases significantly in the presence of zeolite.

-          The “Dynamic-Collision” Micronisation technology enables ZeoOne DYNACOL to act as catalysis within the body, modulating an advanced broad spectrum of immune responses.  

-          ZeoOne DYNACOL Pineapple assists the immune system through stimulating the body’s own natural healing mechanisms; excrete toxins from the body and acts as a strong scavenger of oxidants that wreak havoc in the body.

o   ZeoOne DYNACOL Pineapple is an effective source of highly bioavailable silicon in the form of ortho-silicic acid. Silicon is connected with a whole host of benefits such as

  • bone mineralization
  • collagen synthesis
  • skin, hair and nail condition
  • improved immunity

o   Due to the smaller particle size and large overall surface area of ZeoOne DYNACOL Pineapple, the interaction with enzymes in the intestines is more pronounced.

-          The bioavailability of the pineapple extract is generated by the specific enzyme in the pineapple which is known to break down proteins and make them much more digestible and nutrient available.

o   Pineapple derived Bromelain can be absorbed into the blood stream from the stomach.  

o   Pineapple is an excellent source of vitamin C, manganese, copper and Vitamin B1, vitamin B6, dietary fiber, folate, and pantothenic acid.

-          ZeoOne DYNACOL Pineapple containing Pineapple enzyme and natural aluminosilicate zeolite mineral is precision Micronised, Processed and Packed in New Zealand in accordance with New Zealand GMP requirements.

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