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Weight Control

Green Coffee Bean Extract - 60 capsules - Australian Made




Green Coffee Bean Extract - 60 capsules - Australian Made

Green Coffee Bean Extract - 60 capsules - Australian Made

Our Green Coffee Bean extract is "standardised" to contain at least 45% chlorogenic acids - 45% being the effective potency. It contains no fillers or binders and comes in a vegetable cellulose capsule so it is easy to take.

It is Australian made under pharmaceutical standard GMP in a Licensed TGA facility so quality is assured. Clinical studies with obesity also show that the mg of Green Coffee Bean Extract need not be too high (350mg is sufficient, taken twice daily). Our product and dose recommendation falls within effective study parameters with the caffeine level being equivalent to less than half a cup of coffee.

The active ingredient within the green coffee bean extract that produces weight loss is the chlorogenic acid. To be effective, chlorogenic acids need to be 45%. The mg of green coffee bean extract is inconsequential if the amount of chlorogenic acids are insufficient. The product should contain zero fillers, zero binders and zero artificial ingredients. Our product contains none of those and is presented in a vegetable cellulose capsule. The caffeine amount equates to less than half a cup of coffee.

It is the Chlorogenic Acids that is the active ingredient needed and this is found in green coffee bean extract. It is green coffee anti-oxidant.
The mg of Green Coffee Bean Extract is of little consequence if the chlorogenic acids are not present.
Very little caffeine (8mg per capsule) is contained in this product -  a shot of espresso contains about 64mg caffeine, a teaspoon of instant coffee has about 31mg caffeine, decaffinated coffee has about 2mg caffeine.

A one month pack contains 60 capsules - one capsule is taken twice daily with a glass of water 30 mins before a meal.

Supplement Facts:

Serving Size: 2 capsules daily. Capsules per Container: 60 (30 days)
Active Ingredients per capsule:
Coffee Arabica Fruit Ext. .......... (Dry Equiv) 20g
Equiv. Caffeine (2%) 8mg
(Standardised to 45% total chlorogenic acids)
Other ingredients: Vegetable Cellulose Capsule

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