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ZeoZone Zeolite - NEW IMPROVED FORMULA (RRP $39.95) REDUCED Price




ZeoZone Zeolite - NEW IMPROVED FORMULA (RRP $39.95) REDUCED Price

ZeoZone Zeolite Liquid 50ml - Australian Zeolite - New Improved Formula !

Why ZeoZone?

A new and advanced sub-micronised preparation formulated by experienced professionals to offer you the very best, purest Australian zeolite. A highly concentrated and stable liquid suspension of naturally sourced ingredients that is effective and reliable…at an affordable price…….
ZeoZone is a 'chelating' or cleansing formulation containing an open micro-porous zeolitic material known as clinoptilolite which is a naturally formed ash as a result of volcanic activity millions of years ago. The clinoptilolite used in the preparation of ZeoZone is sub-micronised for greater efficiencies and is from a remote pristine site that is regarded amongst the purest to be found anywhere in the world.

Australian Zeolite (Clinoptilolite) Properties:

  • Australian Zeolite is regarded as more pure than most other alternatives.
  • Zeolites have an infinitely varying "cage like" or honeycomb structure with large internal pore spaces that can trap and safely carry away non desirable elements from the body. This is a cleansing or 'chelating' process.
  • Zeolites are negatively charged and have the ability to 'carry and release' beneficial nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and other beneficial ions while at the same time absorbing and electro-chemically bonding with harmful others like positively charged heavy metals and pollutants. This process is called "ion-exchange".
  • Clinoptilolite has a high cat-ion exchange capability. (CAC)

ZeoZone contains only the purest Australian zeolite, (Clinoptilolite) - a hydrated sodium potassium calcium aluminium silicate. In it's raw state it is the preferred choice for many filtration and purification systems . Australian zeolite (Clinoptilolite) is also the preferred choice for the distribution of minerals and the collection of contaminants in various Agricultural, Animal Welfare, and now Medical applications.

please email for more information on this amazing wellness product


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