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Natural Therapies > Joint Foods

ProResolvin 200ml - DISCONTINUED - Special Clearout price (Was $47.00)



ProResolvin 200ml - DISCONTINUED - Special Clearout price (Was $47.00)

ProResolvin 200ml

Please Note: ProResolvin has now been improved dramatically ,reformulated to contain more than double glycosaminoglycans than the previous formula, which has always been very effective for many people.This new formulation will be more economical for those that use ProResolvin as an ongoing treatment option.There is only one other comparison product (practitioner only) available on the market in Australia , retail price of $61.95, so ProResolvin is great value at all times.

So what is ProResolvin ?

ProResolvin® is a unique natural nutraceutical product, which offers fast relief of many arthritic pains, promotes cartilage regeneration, effective bio-active liquid formula, exclusive Probiopure® processing method.

Ongoing research with the involvement of the CSIRO has demonstrated that increasing the amount of Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) will markedly enhance it’s therapeutic properties without compromising safety.


It has therefore been reformulated to contain 900mg of Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) per 10ml as compared to the previous 327mg per 10ml.

ProResolvin® is a liquid formula that contains a combination of glycosaminoglycans ,at 900mg per 10mls, including Dermatan Sulphate, Heparan Sulphate, Keratan Sulphate, Collagen Type II, and a minimum of 150mg of natural Chondroitin Sulphate A & C, per 10mls.

ProResolvin® is a potent antioxidant.

Because of its favourable effect on the cardiovascular system and all connective tissue ProResolvin® is an ideal food to assist in life extension with quality of life.

ProResolvin® probiopure® processing method ensures fast and effective delivery of benefits without unwanted side effects. ProResolvin® contains no added gluten, lactose, yeast, salt, artificial colours or alcohol.

Dosage: Is two metric teaspoons daily (10ml), however in severe cases it is advisable to take two teaspoons twice daily until symptomatic relief is obtained. It is important not to miss a dose and to continue supplementing until at least 3 months after all symptoms subside.

ProResolven is also very beneficial for your cats, dogs and horses too. Dosage for horses is same as for people ,small animals 5 ml per serve.

Please email for further information .

What some people have said about ProResolvin :


"Four years ago I badly crushed my left ankle… became the source of much frustration and pain due to the amount of damage. It was attributed to arthritis."

"I tried many things including pain killers and acupuncture but nothing worked….I was told the only option was surgery which I declined."

"Two months ago I was given the opportunity to try ProResolvin. After only two weeks I started to notice that the pain in my ankle had reduced quite significantly but most pleasing of all was the return of some more flexibility in the joint."

"Without the use of ProResolvin I believe that my career would have come to an abrupt end….I now see a much brighter future."

Paul Parkes
28 year old Professional Surfer



"For many years I have suffered from the pain and discomfort of osteoarthritis. My hips …. became so painful that my regular four km walk was impossible …. over the last ten years I have had cortisone injections with only minimal relief."

"A family member introduced me to ProResolivin. After six weeks there was some improvement. I have now been taking 10ml daily for over six months and am very happy with the results. I can once again go walking and a full day out can be enjoyed."

"For the first time in many years I am no longer taking any medication for arthritis (which caused side effects meaning more medication!). My sincere thanks to those involved with the research and production of ProResolvin."

Barb Avery
69 year old active retiree



Dear Sir,
Just to let you know the lady (Jacque) went to the doctors the other day and had brain scan. The doctor has now stated that there is only one tumor not two and that the one that is there has not changed in size.  From my view of this lady her eyes don’t look as turned as in the beginning. She doesn’t like the taste but will continue.  Next scan in 12 months and the doctor will not operate unless something comes up before hand.

Cheers H. Roberts.



Just though I’d drop a line to tell you of the dramatic improvement that I have had using ‘ProResolvin’ as a topical, Thanks!! The irritation has all but subsided and the sores are clearing up at a terrific rate. The dog next door however thinks that I am a walking picnic, small price to pay!!!




Dear Sir, I feel obliged to write to congratulate you on your marvelous product .
After trying all the “Glyco” products from pharmacies and health food stores with little or no result, a friend of mine asked me to try ProResolvin, in his words “to see if it was any good” as he was considering in investing in your company. Well after overcoming my initial concern of being used as a guinea pig, I tried it and was amazed by the results. I had suffered from severe arthritic pain in my shoulders and elbows for several years, after an accident that dislocated both shoulders and ruptured my biceps. Just the act of getting out of bed in the morning was agonizing. After taking your elixir for only four days I noticed a lessening of the pain, and after two weeks I had gained complete freedom of movement. I also noticed a distinct lowering of my blood pressure which had been very high for some years. It has been normal for the past three years, which is, to quote my doctor “unusual in a 73 year old who enjoys a drink and smokes the odd cigar”. I heartily recommend it to anyone suffering joint problems and have encouraged many of my friends and acquaintances to use it. Everyone who has tried it is now a regular customer.

Yours Faithfully
Don Hobson



Further to my phone call yesterday, would like to confirm an order for a further l0 bottles of your arthritis treatment.

I have been using your product now for about l8 months & as I have discussed  with you in the past, it helps with my hip "problem" & seems be having a continually beneficial impact on my blood pressure,

All the best

P.S. I am to do two week motor bike ride around Tasmania early next year which should 'test" my hip, will let you know on my return how effective your product has been. HP.

Note: It may take several bottles (20 days therapy for good and lasting results. knees, and ankles respond faster than hips and spine. It is important to continue therapy for about 3 months after all symptoms subside, then consult your health professional for on going maintenance.




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