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MSM Skincare & More !

Rosehip Renewal Gel with MSM 130g Flip Top Bottle



Out of Stock

Rosehip Renewal Gel with MSM 130g Flip Top Bottle

Rosehip Renewal Gel with MSM 130g 
Flip top dispenser for ease & economical use.

"Have you checked out my NEWEST Skincare product ?"


Rosehip Renewal Gel with MSM in larger size for maximum value .

Uses determined by your needs. For any application to any part of the body and for all skin types or conditions .Very soothing & calming . Apply to clean skin as required.“Feels wonderful after a deep facial cleanse”. It just melts into your skin and only a very small amount is required. This product is also fabulous to use for alternate nights (on clean dry skin approx.30 minutes before bedtime).

Key Ingredients :

100% Organic Rosehip Oil ,Organic Aloe Vera Gel ,maximum MSM + added essential skin vitamins & minerals.

Organic Rose Hip Oil - Benefits
• Intensive Skin Rehydrator .
• Prevents Skin Damage .
• Attenuates Scars .
• Skin Moisturizer .
• Nourishes Your Skin .
• Restores Normal Skin Color

The positive action of Rose Hip Oil in helping to regenerate damaged skin tissues is due to its content of Trans-Retinoic Acids in a natural state as part of a complex system of unsaturated essential fatty acids. Therefore, its action is controlled and slowly released by nature, eliminating the risk of overdoses. For the same reason it has no side effects as other products containing trans-retinoic acids synthesized in the laboratory.
Scientific evidence has demonstrated the properties of Rose Hip Oil in reducing surgical and accidental dermal scars, the elimination of certain hyper pigmented spots and the lessening of wrinkles. A must for everyone !

Rose Hip Oil also directs moisture to parched areas without over- treating "normal" skin.

Rosehip Oil is a source of topical retinoic acid (vitamin A) in a natural bio-available form.

Retinoic acid works by binding to specific cell receptors of skin after a topical application. After the cell receptors have been activated, there is a modification in gene expression, subsequent protein synthesis, and cell growth and differentiation. There for, the epidermal cell is modified increasing the regeneration of damaged skin and the capacity to produce new tissue as a consequence of an acceleration of the differentiation of the keratin.

Rose Hip Oil stimulates metabolic changes in the skin by accelerating normal cellular growth in the epidermis (skin) without inducing any side effects will help to diminish fine lines and heal your skin.

Aloe Vera  for Sensitive skin - Benefits
Throughout history, people have relied on Aloe Vera to help heal a wide range of human ailments, particularly skin problems such as drying, flaking, itching, cracking & fungal conditions.

Aloe Vera can be used comfortably by those suffering from dermatitis - eczema, psoriasis, or unidentified concerns. Amongst this group are those that suffer from allergy, hay fever or asthma. This group cannot tolerate fragrance, colouring, artificial cream bases or gelling agents.
Aloe Vera is a mild anaesthetic, antibacterial & antifungal, containing anti-inflammatory fatty acids. These components have shown to assist in relieve itching, swelling, redness & pain.

Aloe Vera is good for the skin because it restores the skin to its natural pH balance and gives skin a smoother appearance.

Aloe’s penetrating abilities permit water & other moisturising agents to submerge into the skin to replenish fluids. As it penetrates, the natural hyaluronic acids present in aloe, sink deeply into the skin, removing toxins and allowing the astringent properties of the plant  to work in a more effective manner.

Aloe Vera helps to keep facial pores unclogged & gives skin a healthy glow because the enzymatic activity in the plant speeds up the blood circulation and sloughs off dead skin. The amino acids in the plant then help to promote the growth of new cells. Additionally, Aloe Vera furnishes the skin with a protective coating to help retard the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi. Aloe Vera’s natural soothing components ease your skin, whilst it begins work on the damaged areas.
The species Aloe Barbadensis is recommended extensively by Naturopaths, Doctors & Specialists.

Organic Aloe Vera in used in the MSM Night Crème , MSM Gel Soother & HA-AV Anti-Aging Serum. I have also included Aloe Vera in my MSM Body Crème , which is now listed on the website too.


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