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ALL's Clay Baths Detox Kits = 10 Adult Size Baths + XPRESS Postage INCLUDED Australia ONLY.



Email for availability.

ALL's Clay Baths Detox Kits = 10 Adult Size Baths + XPRESS Postage INCLUDED Australia ONLY.

LL's Magnetic Clay Baths - Express Postage is included for Australia ONLY.

Clay baths have been used for centuries by many cultures for beauty and well being. It's natural ability to absorb unwanted substances has helped many people. There are literally hundreds of clays available and they vary tremendously in their ability to absorb unwanted substances.

LL's Magnetic Clay has been selected through extensive testing from over 200 varieties for it's purity and effectiveness. It's extraordinary pulling power has been recognized world wide by health professionals and customers alike.

How does the LL's Magnetic Clay Bath Work?

The body eliminates a lot of it's impurities through the skin, our largest organ and by being fully immersed in a warm bath we help the pores to open and form a passage for the ellimination process.

Since most pollutants in the body are positively charged and LL's Magnetic Clay has a natural negative charge the clay may then assist in absorbing those possibly harmful substances.

This simple pulling power is the secret to why LL's Magnetic Clay is so effective, you will feel the difference.

Feel healthier with LL's Magnetic Clay Baths by supporting your body’s largest and most important organ - the skin.

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