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MaJik Microfibre All Purpose Cloths - Set of 3



Out of Stock

MaJik Microfibre All Purpose Cloths - Set of 3

                                           MaJik Microfibre All Purpose Cloths - Set of 3


& MaJik Cloths  3 pack cleaning cloths.jpg

Fantastic microfibre cloths using new and genuine technology will amaze you. Wipe away greasy grime with a microfibre cloth using just water. The capillary action of the cloth wipes and holds dirt and grease in the fibres until you wash them out.

There are many other microfibre cloths out there – cheap copies from China have flooded the market. No-one would even compare the cheap copies to Enjo would they ?

Even though they look the same to most people, how would the average person know the difference ?

Well, the difference in cleaning power and durability is staggering between my MaJik Microfibre Cloths & these “cheap copies”. You will not find anything like these in the supermarkets, I promise you !

I am so confident that if you purchase any of my MaJik Microfibre Cloths & after 2 weeks of solid use you don’t think they are what I claim them to be, then I will refund your money on return of the undamaged cloth or cloths !

“ Now where else would you get an offer like this ? ”    

My MaJik microfibre cloths are the “real” thing made from expensive technology which split the fibres into a wedge shape. They are a “tricot” weave. These factors make the difference. There are 310,000 fibres to 2.5 square centimeters (a square inch).  Can you imagine that ? Ladies, if you ever wear stockings,  think about them being 15 denier and so light and fine. These fibres in the MaJik cloths are 0.01 denier – infinitely finer than the stockings and they are strong - 80% polyester 20% polyamide.

My friend has personally used these cloths for nearly 2 years now , and is absolutely passionate about them. She tells me that cleaning has never been easier or better. As I too am not a lover of chemicals and what they might do to our bodies or our family’s bodies, after trying a couple of these cloths myself for several months  I was very happy to purchase a selection of these cloths & offer them to you . All that aside these cloths just work so well & absolutely no chemicals are required to help do the jobs . "And do you know the best bit ??? " They save me so much time !

The MaJik Cloth can be used wet, dry or damp, with or without cleaning agents. Used dry or slightly damp, the MaJik Cloth may well be the best dusting rag you've ever owned. Dust sticks to the cloths. Clean soiled surfaces with a wet (well wrung) MaJik Cloth.

For windows and other shiny surfaces, there is an ULTRA GLASS  AND WINDOW CLOTH  & an  ULTRA MICROFIBRE CHAMOIS . See separate entry for these or purchase one of the "MaJik Value Paks" which encompasses all the cloths with a discount too!

Some examples of how you might want to use these MaJik Microfibre Cloths :

• In the bathroom, to keep glass shining. Just wipe after a shower – no scum.
• Simply wipe that soap ring away around the bath tub or shower tray
• Spot clean carpet without chemicals
• Spray a dry microfibre cloth with water and clean mirrors beautifully
• A wipe over a greasy exhaust hood and it’s spotless
• Stainless steel benches and appliances shine
• Spray a dry cloth lightly with water and wipe the lounge – what a shock
• Dry wipe lamp shades; dust and dirt sticks to cloth
• Bannister railing on stairs acquire lots of grime- damp cloth – it’s gone
• Car seats, a damp cloth brings them up like new
• Car exteriors – water restrictions – no problem. Cloths hold dirt and use minimal water
• Dusting is a breeze. Dry cloths hold dirt. Just shake outside.
• Kitchen surfaces shine with a wipe, no streaks on laminex
• Ceramic stove tops clean without streaks or scratches every time
• Run them over skirting boards
• Clean windows and glass doors without effort - won’t scratch
• Wipe over sinks in a jiffy, they shine
• Keep 2 in the kitchen. Wash one with the sheets each week
• Can be washed up to 300 times
• I guarantee you will be thrilled with the results

The list just goes on and on. Cleaning never goes away so make it easier and more efficient.

MaJik Microfibre cloths are excellent for use in commercial situations too – cafes, hairdressers, beauty salons, doctor’s surgeries. If you need to use disinfectant or cleaners, it will not spoil the cloths – but fabric conditioner will .



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