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Mega Oxygen Capsules




Mega Oxygen Capsules

Mega OxygenTM x 90capsules
Helps Support General Health and Well-being.

How Do Mega OxygenTM Caps Work?

Through the use of a systemic slow-release function, magnesium peroxide, when exposed to water, will gradually begin releasing oxygen that gets directly absorbed into the bloodstream from the digestive system. Mega OxygenTM capsules are a specialised formulation that contains vitamin C, selenium, Sutherlandia, and Hypoxis Rooperi, each serving a unique function:

• Vitamin C: Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C provides a general boost in the body’s defence against cardiovascular and eye diseases, promotes immune system health, and helps fight against cancer.
• Selenium: Deficiencies in selenoproteins, which form part of the DNA structure, are associated with a greater risk for cancer.
• Sutherlandia: Also known as cancer bush, Sutherlandia is a medicinal plant that has a rich history of boosting overall health. It has superb benefits, ranging from antioxidants to anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous properties. This makes it a noteworthy inclusion to your everyday supplemental intake.
• Hypoxis Rooperi: Otherwise known as the African potato, this ingredient promotes T-cell production which fights infection and boosts the immune system.

Number of capsules to be taken:
• Maintenance Level – use 1 Capsule 3x daily.
• Chronic diseases – 2 Capsules 3x daily 
• Acute and serious conditions – 3 Capsuless 3 x daily 
• Very Important – Drink a minimum of 250ml – 500ml water when taking the capsules. The water and the capsules have a chemical reaction in the stomach to release oxygen. Only use this product on an empty stomach OR one hour before meals OR three hours after meals to have maximum results.

This product is not recommended for people that had any organ transplants (heart, intestine, kidneys, liver, lungs, pancreas and thymus).

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