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Magnesium Chloride Pure Food Grade Powder 850g



Out of Stock & n/a 

Magnesium Chloride Pure Food Grade Powder 850g

As we are unable to source the powder we have another option of our Food Grade Flakes. A Trial size here if you want to try them out, but we do have them available in larger size packs too.

Pure Magnesium Chloride Powder - Food Grade 

Our Magnesium Chloride (Hexahydrate) Food Grade Powder is a naturally occurring nutritional mineral extracted from an inland brine pool located in a pristine area away from heavy industrial or polluted areas.Due to its exceptional location it has high concentrations of magnesium chloride and virtually no contaminants. It is pure and free of additives or perfumes & is easy to use in all applications.

This pure concentrated product can be used to make up an oral solution ,directions are included with the product. I personally have been using 3 x 5ml servings daily (sometimes more) added to other liquid to mask the rather salty taste.The suggested use is to mix one teaspoon of the solution three times daily with food or drink for a daily intake of approx. 600 mg of magnesium

The powder can also be used for a relaxing bath or footbath. Footbath solution can be saved & re-used 4-5 times or more if required, which can make it very economical to use. However, for greater economy , pure Magnesium Chloride Flakes are also available for this purpose.

Alongside B-complex vitamins, magnesium is one of the most important nutrients needed for energy production. It takes part in over 320 enzymatic reactions in the body. The enzymes it produces control all of our bodily functions – digestion, utilisation of nutrients – fats, proteins, carbohydrates, elimination of toxins, muscle contraction, reproductive activity, to name but a few.

Out of all these enzymatic reactions, the most important one involves the production of energy from ATP (adenosine triphosphate) – the energy storage molecule. Magnesium activates ATP to trigger a release of energy from ATP which is used by the body to ensure its survival. Without magnesium there can be no energy and no life. When we are deficient in magnesium the cell cannot produce enough energy, so we feel tired.

Another very important role of magnesium involves transmission of nerve signals. Magnesium allows calcium to enter a nerve cell to ensure transmission of electrical signals to and from the brain. Magnesium deficiency means that these transmissions slow down, so mental activity and physiological processes slow down too.

Maintaining optimal magnesium levels is one of the most important factors in keeping us alive, healthy, lean and full of energy. Transdermal supplementation (magnesium baths, spraying magnesium oil on the body) is one of the fastest, easiest and side-effect free ways to replenish magnesium levels in the body and boost energy production. See our superior Magnesium Oil  product for this application.

Note: The Mg Powder is very susceptible to hardening if the air gets to it for too long, so it is important to keep it as airtight as possible between uses.We found that it actually keeps better if stored (tightly sealed) in the bag that it comes in. If it should become hard, the product doesn't loose it potency, just makes it a little more time consuming to work with.It will still dissolve ( with patience) once added to hot water.

what a customer said to us -

Thank you for the prompt delivery of our magnesium chloride. I have been meaning to reply earlier than this, however, I wanted to let you know how much the magnesium has helped me. I have been taking it for the past 8 months or so and it has really helped me with the arthritis in my hips.( I am 59 years old) Especially with these cold winter months, I can honestly say I have not had any ache in my hips at all.!!  Its like my arthritis has disappeared !! Garry originally ordered the magnesium for himself because he was getting bad cramps in his legs at night, and so I thought I would give it a go my aches and pains. It has also helped me with my headaches, and when I go to the gym I recover from my workouts much easier. My general health has improved and now, I hate to be without my magnesium chloride.!! I take a teaspoon 3 times a day dissolved in a little water followed with some fruit juice to take the salty tasted away. 


We would be grateful if you can send us more info on magnesium chloride. 

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